Rotary Club of Picayune
Community Service
Four new scholarships are awarded annually to qualified Pearl River Central and Picayune High School seniors. The scholarships awarded are currently 2 Academic-$3,000.00 scholarships at $750.00 / year for four years and 2-Vocational $1,000.00 scholarships at $500.00 / year for 2 years.

Special Education Fishing Rodeo
Annually participants of the fishing rodeo include students, faculty and family members. Rotarians grill and serve hamburgers and hotdogs with all of the trimmings, along with, a full day of cane pole fishing. Thank you to Mr. & Mrs. Paternostro for allowing the Rotary Club to host this function on your beautiful property.  

Christmas Food Basket Drive
Annually Picayune Rotarians prepare and distribute over one hundred food baskets.  Each Rotary member looks forward to this event all year as they are motivated by the gracious contributions of food and the appreciation expressed by the recipients. Any excess food not distributed is donated to a local charity organization which distributes food as needed during the rest of the year. 

Dictionary Donations

                Distribution to Schools                       

1.      PRC –  250 students

2.      Roseland Park 75 students

3.      Southside – 57 students

4.      Westside –  55 students

5.      Nicholson - 68 students

Other Services
The Rotary Club of Picayune's current annual budget includes recurring items such as donations to support Toys for Tots, Boy Scouts of America, and Picayune Police Department Youth Camp, . In addition to the above, special non recurring donations are approved and awarded by the membership.

2016-2017 Year in Review

        Rotary Participation

        Sponsorship of exchange student from Poland

        Rotary youth leadership academy for students from PMHS and PRCHS

        Polio plus donation

        Rotary Foundation donation

        District 6840 raffle

        Service projects

        Student scholarship awards



        Dictionaries to 3rd graders in Pic and PRC districts

        Fishing rodeo for special ed students

        Christmas food baskets

        Little free library

        Police summer camp sponsorship

        Etiquette class for police camp participants

        Distinguished Young Woman reception

        Bridgeway Apartments ”Mardi Gras Theme“ luncheon

        PRCH Homecoming Football game Concession assistance

        Donations and community events

        Rhizo Kids International family medical conference sponsorship

        Saving police lives bullet proof vest campaign donation 

        PRC Fair and rodeo donation

        Pearl River Soccer club team bench purchase

        St. Patrick’s Day 5k         

        Annual scholarship/education drawdown

        Oak Ridge Tennessee firestorm victim aid

        Flood victim gift cards for 48 Picayune Area families

        LA. Flood victim donation

        Boy Scouts of America

        Run with the Pigs BBQ challenge participant

        Toys for Tots

        Arbor Day tree donations and plantings at all PRC public schools

        “Love your Selfie”-young woman’s educational seminar